We offer you the best publishing options for all your traffic monetization needs.

The EroAdvertising dashboard for website owners is packed with powerful and amazing publishing options that can turn in to a very effective way for you to monetize your inventory.

Let’s walk through some publisher options available to you in EroAdvertising. — starting with the core features and moving from there into some more advanced and easily overlooked options.

Native ads: Boosting your publisher revenue

With our native advertising platform, you control and manage every aspect of your inventory with zero-time, zero work & immediate revenue. You will quickly see higher CTR, conversion rate and profits boost. Learn more about boosting your publisher revenue with native ads

Video ads: monetize your video inventory

A simple one-stop solution to monetize your video inventory through Pre-rolls, Mid-rolls and Post-rolls ads.

Start to make the most out of your video inventory. Watch your account earn more and more money whenever your visitors see or click your video ads.

It’s easy to implement, video pre-roll ads will be fetched and inserted into your content using a standard VAST tag code. Learn more about video ads monetization for your video inventory.

Supply-Side Platform: the new adult ssp

With this option, we have the perfect feature to improve your performance, delivering by selling your traffic to the buyers who pay the most, coming from your favorite DSPs.

All DSPs are available to work with our feature through open RTB URLs. Read more about our adult supply-side platform (SSP)

eaCTRL: our most exciting tool for Publishers

The eaCTRL is a game-changer for every publisher out there. The controller’s main feature is to offer you faster ad load time and a new anti-ad-blocking feature.

Best of all, it’s easy to install, 100% safe and you can get started today. Read more about our most exciting tool for Publishers

Advantages of eaCTRL:

  • Faster load time, better SEO: The controller is loading all ads on a page in a single request, thus providing a very fast page load time. This enhances a site’s SEO results on both desktop and mobile.
  • Built-in Anti Ad Blocker: a powerful Anti AdBlock functionality with the option of bypassing current AdBlock software in the industry.
  • Easy Installation: You can easily install the controller following a few steps! We provide all the support necessary.

Direct Deal: get full control of your direct ad buys!

Focused to offer you an easy road to sell your traffic in bulk directly to your own advertising campaigns. You will be in full control to set up direct deals between your ad inventory and your own advertising campaigns. You decide which promotional offers you’d like to facilitate and where to show them. On top of that, you’re also able to set your own pricing…

How to deliver your ads with Direct deal?

Each piece of inventory you create in your dashboard is called an ad zone. These ad zones represent the spaces where you intend to deliver your ad campaigns and can be targeted by one or more of your own Direct Deal campaigns.

For each ad zone you create, we’ll generate ad tags, which are snippets of HTML or JavaScript code. You can place these ad tags into your webpages. When a user visits your content, the tags identify each ad zone and request ads from your Direct Deal campaigns. Learn more about How to get full control of your direct ad buys

Video Slider: The new ad format

This new format is ideal for any publishers who want to monetize their content with video ads, or are looking for an alternative video ad format. The ad zone is literally a small window of a muted video loaded through a JS tag that appears on the right or left bottom of the website. In addition, it’s fully responsive, works on all browsers and is compatible with the Better Ads Coalition’s guidelines. Read more about why you should use the new Video Slider ad zone.

What are the benefits?

  • Easy to integrate into publishers’ content
  • Extra revenue for publishers
  • Premium video advertisers
  • Higher eCPM

We have tons of other awesome features & benefits available to you. Read more about all our major features & key benefits for publishing.

We have tons of other awesome things planned for the future to help improve the performance of your ad inventory easier and better than ever!

If you have any questions about any of the publishing options feel free to contact our support team and we will be sure to help you out!