Advertising with Direct Deal

As a buyer, there is no better way to buy large amounts of online display ad inventory than directly from the publishers. On the other hand, sellers like to have a predictable revenue stream, which can be solved by selling a guarantee on volumes for a fixed budget.

EroAdvertising easily allows you to take both approaches and manage them with more flexibility and control from an easy-to-use ad manager by rolling-out a new solution called Direct Deal.

What is Direct Deal?

It’s a tool focused to offer you an easy road to sell your traffic in bulk directly to your own advertising campaigns. You will be in full control to set up direct deals between your direct ad buys and your advertising campaigns. You decide which promotional offers you’d like to facilitate and where to show them. On top of that, you’re also able to set your own pricing.

In combination with our ad manager, you can use Direct Deal to:

  • Set up your direct deal campaigns.
  • Optimize your ad campaigns.
  • Set your own pricing.
  • Keep track of your ad campaigns performance.

The Direct Deal Advantages.

One of the biggest advantages for both publishers and media buyers is that they’re now able to set up their own direct deals in order to sell large volumes of ad inventory. We have accomplished this by providing each seller their own unique “ad tag” script which the website owner then inserts into the ad slots associated with the corresponding website.

More advantages are:

  • You’ll get more control over the format of your ads, such as running text ads, banner ads, pop ads or video ads.
  • Real-time reporting allows you to see exactly how your ad campaigns are performing. In addition, we’ve even added an extra option, which allows you to provide access to your advertisers so they can track their own advertisement conversions.
  • Manage all of your ad campaigns across all the publishers that you work with from one central place.

Get the most out of your ad inventory to meet your advertisers’ goals.

Direct Deal let you split your inventory in multiple ways to earn more and grow your business.

  • Traffic type: Organize your inventory from your sites according to your audiences’ interests.
  • Devices and browsers: Organize your inventory according to device type, browser, or operating system. You can even use browser language.
  • Geography: Segment your inventory based on countries, regions, and cities.
  • Delivery: Manage, frequency caps, and period segmenting (dayparting) to maximize the ROI of your customers.
  • Tag-values: You can specifically tag words to provide the exact audiences advertisers want to reach.

Selling your own ads directly means that you can
create ads to promote your own content.

How to deliver your ads with direct deal?

Each piece of inventory you create in your dashboard is called an ad zone. These ad zones represent the spaces where you intend to deliver your ad campaigns and can be targeted by one or more of your own Direct Deal campaigns.

For each ad zone you create, we’ll generate ad tags, which are snippets of HTML or JavaScript code. You can place these ad tags into your webpages. When a user visits your content, the tags identify each ad zone and request ads from your Direct Deal campaigns.

How it works.

Running a Direct Deal Ad Campaign (e.g. banner, text, thumb, pop, video ads) on a popular adult website (desktop).

example Direct Deal

Every media buyer wants to sell ad inventory for the best price to maximize their revenue.

Some buyers and publishers have been early testers of this new feature selling directly to their customers while filling 100% of their own ad slots with their own ad campaigns. During these tests, we saw our on-target delivery at 80%, compared to the industry average of 59% for narrow targeting.

If you would like to know more about our new Direct Deal feature please feel free to contact us. We care about your success and look forward to assisting you with your Direct Deal campaigns.

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