Creating good content for SEO is very important for anyone who wants to ensure that their product or company is seen online. Online search engines, such as Google, follow certain criteria that make some articles rank first in the search. While others do not even get the prominence of the first page.

Knowing how to create good SEO content is not difficult. But it does mean knowing a little more about content marketing tools and knowing what steps are needed to build articles – that meet the criteria of online search engines.

As we know how important it is for you to know the essential resources for creating SEO articles, we explored the best strategies and practices for creating SEO content.

Are you ready to learn these 7 steps to create good SEO content?

So here we go!

1. Choose a content that appeals to people

The first step in creating good content to reinforce SEO is to remember that: more than looking for a place among the first suggestions of search engines, an author is, fundamentally, writing for someone.

The creation of content for SEO should take into account what people are looking for and what they want to read.

So, the first step is this question: what interests people the most? What can I write that is unique and that appeals to people´s interest in reading?

In this process, it will be important to use the specific knowledge. To promote it in your favor, creating appealing texts that address people’s interests.

2. Bet on the search

A fundamental part of creating good content for SEO is research. Before you start writing, it is very important to know the words and expressions that people search (the so-called keywords).

When surveying the keywords, you will have a very useful tool at hand. You will be able to think the text in a way that integrates your keywords naturally in it.

So that the text appears as an option in the search engines, whenever someone searches for these keywords.

3. Make good use of keywords

Knowing the best keywords to use is not enough. Their use in the text must be clever to strengthen SEO and should be integrated very naturally within the article. Without appearing, at any time, that they were placed there only to meet the maximum percentages required. 

Although it is good to determine how many times you want to use a particular keyword in your text. When writing the article you should opt for textual fluidity, integrating the chosen words and expressions tactically. So that their use seems casual.

To help you in this task, you can use variations of keywords.

Avoiding repetitions and widening the spectrum of searches that will take people to your text.

You should also remember that it is important to use H1 or H2 in your titles and that they must also contain keywords. The creation of internal links to other content is also essential.

4. Make edits to your articles

Editing articles is essential to guarantee their quality. More than looking at the warnings frequently provided by text tools, it is important that the authors read the text thoroughly after its creation. Ensuring that it has spelling, grammatical, or concordance errors.

A close look at the sentence construction can help to understand if the text is appealing, interesting, and understandable from the reader’s perspective. Therefore, a second reading and a careful review of the article become essential to guarantee its quality.

If you do have the chance to show your article to someone else before you post it online, please do it.

Is always an enormous help to have another person read what you’ve been working on, because sometimes after looking for the same thing over and over again, you might miss some basic error or misspelled words.

5. Remember: regularity is important

As good as the strategies for creating content for SEO are, they do not depend only on one or two well-written articles, without errors and that use all of the best keywords and content marketing techniques.

To guarantee the desired effects, it is essential that the regularity of publications, with new content being added periodically. That will help to stimulate interest in keeping the company’s pages among the first ones that the search engine presents.

Consistency is key to successfully keeping your page among the top. And always remember that it is better to guarantee one small article per week for three months than twelve articles in just a few days.

6. Track the statistics

An important step towards the effectiveness of articles to reinforce SEO happens after their publication.

Monitoring the statistics and understand the reach of publications and the number of page views is essential to ensure that the use of keywords and internal links in the text was done most properly.

7. Trust professionals

Creating articles to reinforce SEO requires a lot of time and a well-designed strategy, whose application isn´t always simple.

Counseling with content marketing professionals, through a contract or subscription with specialized agencies, can be very useful to ensure that it fulfills the proposed objective and wins a place among the first suggestions of the search tools.

Contact with this type of professional will be an effective way to guarantee the best analysis of keywords, an effective evaluation of the competition, the installation of software suited to your needs, and also the optimization of the strategies and content adopted.

In conclusion 

Even though creating good SEO content might seem simple, it is extremely hard. It takes a lot of time, a lot of thinking, and mostly an unbeatable consistency.

The secret is never stopping your process of always looking for new things to say and say intelligently. That will help to put your content on top of mind as a trusted source and the top of search results.