Admittedly, online ads can be annoying and nobody likes to be bombarded with aggressive selling ads.

Since online ads exist to convert, the race for attention intensifies between companies. There are always new and improved versions of tried and tested ad formats, focusing on the user experience and the capacity for higher conversion. 

Here is where POP-UNDERS show up because they are the perfect balance between focus and effectiveness!

People prefer pop-unders to other formats

A study tested different pop-under variables for different sites. They split the visibility of an active popunder and displayed it to only half of the site’s traffic. The goal was to see whether pop-unders caused a decrease in onsite sessions. The results showed that visitors seemed to not feel impacted in any way whatsoever and saw it as a natural part of their online experience. 

But, what are pop-under ads?

A POP-UP ad will launch a new browser window on top of the one currently being viewed, (taking the reader’s focus) the POP- UNDER ad format displays behind the main page, creating a new browser window to be seen once the reader is done with what they’re doing. They close the page and the ad is right there waiting for them.

Pop-under ads are great for publishers!

Pop-unders are a way for publishers to monetize, generating traction and the potential for further audience engagement, without affecting too much the users’ online experience.

Visible as it is, with the pop-under there’s a higher chance that users will click through to the offer. The more relevant the ad is, the more likely it is that traffic will associate the two and make a decision to check out what’s on offer. 

But here are the five reasons pop-under ads are still so effective: 

1.Pop-unders are designed to blend into a website’s layout.

They’re will be able to integrate onto a site, advertising only the most relevant products and services.

Pop-unders are designed to complement the website. And not take the attention away from it.

When a user is done with what they came to do, they’ll have the opportunity to check out a product that may be in line, with what they were browsing for in the first place.

Pop-unders target the right audience from the get-go, so they have the right potential for better conversions.

2.Pop-unders are less intrusive  

The ads that don’t display on the website until their users are ready to see them always convert better. The less intrusive the ad is, the more the user will appreciate their onsite experience and this alone increases the chances of them interacting with the ad. Before they head to another page, they may click through and see your offer.

It increases the potential heavily.

Besides, pop-unders are converting stronger than ever. 

3.They’re eye-catching 

Larger display frames equal more room for creativity.

With pop-unders, there’s no end to the high-quality content and striking visuals you can create. The more unique and original the display, the higher the chances for increased user interaction and conversions.

Promoting “strong sell” products are profitable for advertisers and publishers and the more room you have to play around with better creatives, the more appealing the ads will become, and the stronger the sell.

4. Top of mind placement 

The fact that pop-unders will be the last thing a user will see before logging off is very important.

There’s a whole psychological impact on a prospect’s purchasing decisions and if the ad is good and in line with what the site offers, it will leave a lasting impression on the user.

If they were to see the same ad appearing somewhere else, on a similar site, the chances for user interaction greatly increases. Top of mind means first in line for clicks. And, if the ad is targeted to the right traffic, the two can complement each other nicely. 

5.They are affordable

Nobody wants to destroy their budget on ineffective and expensive ad formats. Therefore, finding the balance of effectiveness and affordability is very important.

With pop-unders, you’ll be able to set aside a portion of your monthly advertising spend and get good returns without destroying your budget. 

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