The advertising world is not for everyone, every year new working techniques is being utilized by media buyers so they can be on top of their game. As adaptation are needed, the ones that simply can not adapt or fail to develop their qualities and strategies are left behind.  

Do you want to be left behind?

We are must certain that the answer is no right? As we also, you don’t want to be behind in the media buying industry, that’s why we gathered 5 tips on how to become a successful media buyer! 

1.A/B Testing is Key

There is no better way to optimize your campaign than A/B testing. This strategy is simple and effective! As you test out your offers to see which one converts better. Although it sounds really good. You “only” need to set up your offers and test them, the reality is that if your offers are not semi-optimized from the start, your a/b test will come across as inconclusive. 

“Then how can I optimize my offers right from the start?”

To solve this problem we recommend this article about improving clicks on your banner ads. This will help you correct some basic mistakes right from the start. In this way you need to optimize as little as possible, making your a/b test transparent and leaving you with strong conclusions about your offers.

2.Target Wider Audiences

Don’t get us wrong here, we are in favor of niches. We actually think that they can be really useful when it comes to advertising. At least for the people that you know already like or are interested in the product/service. So, that’s not the problem. The main issue is where when you go to narrow to the point that your conversions and impressions start to drop.  

Our advice here is for you to have some knowledge about the verticals that they are selecting to advertise to, assuring that will be no significant problem with conversions or impressions.

3.Experiment Other Ad Formats

A problem that stagnates most media buyers is getting stuck to one specific ad format and refusing to change. Its true that all ad formats have a market and can be effective in a way or another. But as we said at the start, it’s all about adaptation and wanting it or not. Video ads are taking over the market, they are literally everywhere: Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube… you name it.  

If you seriously want to invest in the video ads market, pre-roll ads are the way to go!

4.Separate your Mobile and Desktop Campaigns

One valuable advice that we can give is to keep mobile and desktop separated. Understand that these devices have very distinct traffics so keeping these two campaigns separated will only do you good. This separation will give you clear results on who you should target and on which device you should do it. This will lead you to better conversion rates. 

5.CPM and CPC Strategies 

Going into the media buying world with no bidding strategy is setting yourself up for failure. 

When it comes to bidding you should always have some strategies so that you can improve your traffic, conversion, or both. Depending on your goals!

These are two good strategies that you can use as a media buyer: 

With CPM or cost per mile, you are paying for the thousand people that see your ad.  

CPM can be useful in:
  • Raising brand awareness 
  • Offer relevant leads when using a high CPM 
  • Increasing views in video ads 

The tip here is simple, if you are looking for conversions, is better not to use a low CPM. Low CPM is associated with junky or both traffic as you are paying less to get the attention of more people. 


With CPC or cost per click, you are paying for each click that your ad gets.

CPC can be useful in:
  • Leads from relevant people 
  • Only pay to the one that is interested in your ads 

CPM is crucial to see how effective your ads are especially if you optimize them for low CPM. With low CPM, as you are paying less for a click you can see how clickable your ad is.


To conclude a successful media buyers:

  • A/b test
  • Use different ad formats
  • Advertise to a larger audience
  • Separate the laptop and mobile campaigns
  • Use CPC and CPM strategies

In the same industry, there is a great variety of audiences. So finding the best way to advertise to witch one is not easy!

If we had to choose one singular tip that is most adequate to media buying is the a/b test. As there are various audiences, different approaches are also needed. But to know which ones approach work, you need to test them. In this case, we recommend this article on 5 essentials to a/b test, as it will help your media buying campaign to go to the next level.

Have a great campaign!