By many we are told that paid traffic is the way to go, organic traffic simply takes to long and is not worth it. The fact that you have to spend months to see any SEO results that convert into organic traffic scares away most of the publishers. 

Today we want to change your mind! And for that, we prepared some tips on how to increase your organic traffic.

Why exactly do I need organic traffic? 

To resume this for you, if you increase the visitors on your website, you are more likely to convert. 

The fact that you are bringing people to your website without needing to pay for any add is already a bonus. As you save money at the same time that you generate traffic.

Organic leads should also be taken into consideration when we talk about organic traffic. As it is a clear proof that you are in the right track in terms of SEO. Not to mention that the cost per acquisition of these leads is zero.

So, how can I increase my organic traffic? 

As SEO and organic traffic have a direct correlation, SEO tips are more than adequate. So we recommend you check our article on how to improve your SEO ranking. In this article, we give you some tips backed by studies so that you can rank the best on google 

As you already have 9 good SEO tips to start on. We will give you more 5 that we consider fundamental to boost your organic traffic:

1. Run an SEO Audit 

Before taking any step further. If you want to increase your organic traffic you need to analyze your website and fix the problems. 

TechRadar as a great article talking about the best free and paid tools for SEO. With their respective pros and cons, so you can choose which one suits you the most. 

Other advice that we can give you, is to use Google analytics and Google search console. That way you can stay tunned on where your website traffic is coming from. Such as, where you rank on google, your conversations, the behavior of your users and so much more. 

Once you figure all this out, fix all the mistakes that your website has. And then you are set to optimize your organic traffic!

2.Fit in the Google Requirements 

If you want to increase organic traffic fitting in the google requirements is a must! The problem is that Google is not always clear about what they want, leaving publishers confused. 

As we remain uncertain about what Google wants, the best thing that we can do is avoiding Google penalties. The main penalties that a website can have is: 

  • Content with no added value 
  • Keyword stuffing 
  • Unnatural links 
  • Spam 

3. Find the Best Headlines and Do Better 

Headlines are everything, as they basically decide if a user clicks on your article or don’t. If you want to increase your organic traffic your headlines need to stand out. Keep in mind that about 80% of all users will read your headline and only 20% will read your article. So the better your headline, the more people click your article, by other words the more organic traffic you will get.

One strategy that we can give you is: going on Google and search for a specific keyword and look at the headlines of the first page. Based on that, you analyze the headlines and see things can be improved. Once you figure that out you make a headline that is optimized for organic traffic.

You should also keep in mind that including odd numbers and the main benefits of the article your click rate can improve by 20%!

4. Encourage incoming links 

Incoming links are a great way to increase your organic traffic. This is mainly because Google puts you in a priority position, especially if your incoming links come from trustable websites. 

The process here is simple. The more incoming links you have, the better you will rank on google and consequently the more organic traffic you will get! 

Ero tipBe aware because not all the links are good links, some can actually damage your SEO ranking witch will decrease your organic traffic. 

5.Improve on underperforming articles 

If you are reading this right now, probably you already wrote a few articles. As some might be doing good and ranking you high on a few keywords. But others might be underperforming an need to be addressed. 

If you followed the tip that we gave you at the start and grabbed yourself an SEO tool, use the tool to see which articles are underperforming and address the issue. 

4 Things you can do to improve your articles:

  • Increase the number of keywords 
  • Add external links 
  • Improve your headlines
  • Ad valuable information


In conclusion to increase the organic traffic you should:

  • Run an SEO audit 
  • Fit in the google requirements 
  • Find the best headlines and do better 
  • Encourage incoming links 

We can end by saying that organic traffic is directly linked to SEO. So optimizing your SEO is the best way to increase your organic traffic. 

Grab the SEO tips that we are giving you and get to work!