Our new dashboard is a real game-changer

We have successfully passed another milestone and we are proud to introduce a new dashboard panel from which you can now manage and monitor all key reporting metrics with no limits – fast and transparent.

Track your performance with real-time statistics

The powerful dashboard panel is packed with features that easily give you a quick overview of how your totals are performing and the ability to customize the dashboard to your needs. Above all, it let you compare daily, weekly and month-to-date totals for selected time periods.

Giving you fresh insights with no limits

We do guarantee our publishers the best option for all their traffic monetization and provide an opportunity for our advertisers to making the most of every budget and get ad space at a lower price.

View unique data points and reports

You can view charted data directly from your dashboard via different data points. Select any chart to load an associated report for deeper analysis. In addition, you can also select a custom interval for charts, depending on the date range selected.

Customize your dashboard panel

You can configure reports accordingly, settings are stored on a ‘per user basis’ so the dashboard will look the same when you return later, even if you access it on your mobile device.

New and improved reports

We have reworked existing reports in our new dashboard to be more useful and to help to better monitor and understand your business. Therefore, we’ve enabled you to:

  • Quickly filter data.
  • Compare date periods.
  • Get easy access to key data points.
  • Download reports in CSV format.


The dashboard also makes use of an improved API, which provides faster and more comprehensive access to Eroadvertising data. More information about the API available can be found at the new dashboard.

Start digging into the new dashboard

If you are a publisher and or advertiser/media buyer and interested in joining EroAdvertising’s Publishing and Advertising Network, we invite you to take a moment to sign up.