The source optimizer tool has taken the guesswork out of buying.

EroAdvertising ranked as one of the leading advertising platforms in the adult industry for both advertisers and publishers, has introduced the source optimizer tool.

It’s an optional feature that automates the optimization of online ad campaigns. It automatically reached the advertiser’s Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) goal and can help to save thousands of dollars.

One of the key features is that advertisers can set a maximum Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) conversion type. If a traffic source is spending more than the maximum CPA, the traffic source will be automatically blocked.

Here are the advantages of the source optimizer tool:

  • Reduces the workload.
  • It boosts conversions.
  • It can reach the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) goal.
  • NO more wasting precious advertising dollars on sources that aren’t converting.

How it works:

  • Advertisers can set up a minimum amount that can be spent before it’s going to check every traffic source.
  • Advertisers can set a maximum Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). However, when a traffic source is spending more than the given CPA than it will be blocked automatically.
  • Advertisers can set a minimum Clickthrough rate (CTR) that will automatically block sources with a too low Clickthrough rate (CTR) and is optional for Cost Per Mille (CPM) banner ads.
  • Advertisers can decrease the bounce rates with the bounce rate optimizer tool.

The bounce rate optimizer.

The bounce rate optimizer checks if visitors from a certain traffic source are leaving the advertiser landing pages too early. If this occurs often, it can be an indicator that it is bot traffic and will be blocked automatically from the advertising campaigns.

The number of satisfied advertisers is growing week after week;

it reduces an advertisers workload, increases conversions, save money and last but not least, the average CPA has improved 45% since we started testing our newest tool.

Feel free to forward if you have any questions about our source optimizer tool. As an EroAdvertising advertiser, we are here to help you, so we have made it easy for you to get in touch with us via our contact form.