exclusive ad spots inventory

Perfect for building your brand.

EroAdvertising exclusive ad spots inventory presents an opportunity for ad placement prominently displayed and positioned – highly “viewable” on some of the top online adult publisher ad zones to ensure sales and brand safety.

Ad zones in Eroadvertising are used for displaying ads in websites and applications. Ad zones are places in a web page layout, where advertising content, such as banners, landing pages or other materials are displayed.

What is an exclusive ad zone?

An exclusive ad spots inventory is a media buy that allows an advertiser to utilize banner ads on high traffic sites such as CAM4.com and other adult websites. It allows our advertisers to ‘takeover’ certain ad spots exclusive on their homepage or sub-category pages.

What are the benefits of buying an exclusive ad spot inventory?

More control: You can buy impressions at a fixed rate.
High visibility: You can run ads on the best premium adult websites.
Brand awareness: You can reach a wide audience.

How to buy an ad spot inventory?

Advertisers and agencies can buy exclusive inventory through the EroAdvertising Ad bidding auction. The inventory can be bought based on the number of impressions (also known as cost-per-thousand-impressions) or you can buy our exclusive ad zone inventory on a fixed rate basis per day (cost-per-day).

What type of creative can be used?

Standard banner ads can be used, but also interactive, rich media or video ads can be used as creative.

Why you also should start to buy exclusive ad spots?

We recommend having digital banner ads mix of both programmatic and ad spots inventory buys. In doing so, you make sure you get the efficiencies of scale of the programmatic while using the ad spots inventory buy to connect to your audience with highly engaging creative and premium ad positions.

We are here to help.
Interested in buying from our exclusive ad spots inventory? Our advertising sales team (sales@eroadvertising.com) is dedicated to helping you to get a rate estimate and campaign impression goals.