In today’s market Advertising by your own is a hard task to complete. You need months or perhaps years to get some traffic to your site and you might end up not getting what you wanted. That’s why ad networks are so important! 

If you never worked with a top ad network it might come as a surprise if we tell you that you can increase your traffic in a matter of hours, sounds to good to be true right?   

Let us show you some facts

In a study made in 2009 to worldwide companies was found that:

  • 67% of companies increased their traffic   
  • 48% of companies saw an improvement in their targeting   
  • 55% of companies saved money   
  • And many others   

Many ad networks offer nothing, that’s why people prefer to do things on their own. A top ad network needs to be able to meet the interests of publishers and advertisers so that they experience growth in traffic at the same time as conversions.    

Now that you had a quick look at benefits of ad networks let’s go a little bit more into detail.

Where can ad networks help?  

As a publisher is difficult to stand against the already established ones, that have a larger following and audience. That’s where a top ad network can help. When entering a top ad network, publishers will be provided with help: submitting their inventory into an aggregated pol so they can sell the audience as impression-based ad inventory.  

Ad networks also offer you benefits like:  

1. Convenience

Instead of spending hours after hours trying to build a strategy, you have a team of professionals that do it for you. Meanwhile you can shift your focus elsewhere. Top ad networks also allow publishers to work with advertisers that they could never work if they were by their own.  

2. Efficiency and affordability

With payment methods like CPC the users come out winning. The fact that you only pay if you get a conversion or if the user make some action that you wanted, that way you maximize and optimize your ROI.   

3. Personalized support

When you are on your own there is no one helping you! Which leads to mistakes and probably failed campaigns, especially if you have doubts about what you are doing. With a support team by your side, you can be helped to set, optimizing your campaigns and ad spots.

4. Detailed targeting

Thanks to the consumer data available in the market, are now able to target better than ever. Top-quality ad networks can target by age, geography, income, gender and behavior.  

5. Reach

Ad networks make possible for publishers to open their market to a larger frame of buyers. Making possible for them to sell their adspots at the best price possible.

6. Watch out for scams   

There is a big difference between an ad network and a top ad network. Some of them are scams or a complete waste of time as they provide you no results.

These are the two main signs of ad network scam:

Lack of transparency

Some ad networks don’t let publisher’s see who is buying their space, leaving them without knowing the true value of their site ad spots.

Fake traffic

Robot traffic is expanding in today’s market, so before joining, scan the ad network to make sure that you are not wasting your time and money.


Working with an ad network can be beneficial, although not all ad networks are top quality or are the most suited to your business.  When choosing an ad network you need to look at how the ad network will suit your business.

Do your research, and see how can that specific ad network benefit you,. Which advertisers will you be able to work with, which publishers are in the ad network and had success, all the details are important. Also, watch out if the ad network has a niche. For example, an ad network who only works with videos on mobile, if you are suited to that specific platform is better to insert yourself there that in an ad network that works with everything.

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