Landing page conversion rate normally sits between 1% and 3%.

The problem here is that many businesses fail to optimize their landing pages, and because of that, their conversion rate never leaves the normal range.

On the other hand, businesses that optimize and increase their landing pages experienced approximately 55% growth, which means conversion rates can reach double digits.

To help you have a higher conversion landing page, we put together 7 optimization steps, that ensure better results:

1. Define your goal

This looks obvious right? Not really. The lack of a defined goal is perhaps the number one reason why most landing pages fail. The problem isn’t the companies don’t have offers is that they have too many and it ends up confusing the client, resulting in no conversions.

So, to increase your landing page conversion rate, focus on only one specific offer.

2. Add reviews

Hardly anyone buys a product without seeing the reviews. In fact, reviews are the closest thing of words of mouth there is online and we all know that approval from other people are the number one thing that makes you come across as trust wordy.  

If you really want a high conversion landing page your reviews need to be legit!

When it comes to posting the reviews, you must ask your clients for a photo and their honest opinion. Based on that you make a structured and coherent review. Also, don’t forget to identify your client really well, their name, their position, and their company.

There are those who pay someone to make their reviews, which is not only a scam, but a killer to the brand!

3. Highlight your proposal

To have a high conversion landing page your customer needs to feel valued. Make sure when you are presenting your proposal you come across as unique. Coming across as unique requires that you know your target audience like no one and that you use the right words and images to trigger them.

Quick Advice: Sometimes it’s hard to determine what triggers your users, so A/B testing is the best way to find it.

4. Make it simple

By simplifying your lead capture form, you can instantly improve your landing page conversion rate.  

Landing page rules are simple, the more you ask, the lest you get. Visitors tend to decide whether or not they fill the fields based on the number of fields you have. By asking to much information your visitor will get scared and exit the landing page. So, save additional information for latter and ask only the basics depend on which business you have. Beyond text, you also need to simplify the design. Having a simple and attractive design can increase your landing page conversion rate up to 77%.  

When you combine a good and attractive design with simplified text your landing page will convert like never!

5. Quick load time  

About 50% of users expect your landing page to load in less than 2 seconds.

That’s why having a fast-loading landing page is so important. For every second that your page takes to load your conversion rate drops. To prove loading time value Walmart run a study in which they concluded that by every second their Website loads faster their conversion rate increased by 2%.

To optimize your landing page loading time, you should use tools like:

  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • GTmetrix

6. CTA’s are important

CTA’s are crucial if you want to have a high conversion landing page. That simple button is the key to your conversions, so you need to be really careful on how you use him.

Size – Small CTA’s go unnoticed, while big CTA’s scare costumers away, so make sure the CTA button fits perfectly into your layout.

Colour – If you want to highlight your CTA you should contrast him with the background. Normally blue, green and orange work best.

Message – Your message needs to directly show the customer why they need your product. Highlighting a better conversion rate by acquiring the product or service tends to work best.

7. Add directional cues

Notice when you point a finger at someone everyone looks; directional cues are no different. There are 2 different types of directional cues:

  • Implicit directional cues

These are the more subtle directional cues. They are not explicitly guiding or telling you what to do.

Have a High Conversion Landing Page in 7 Steps

In this image, for example, there are no arrows or fingers pointed, instead you have someone looking at lead capture area. By having someone looking at that area we tend to look too, that’s how the human brain works.

  • Explicit directional cues

These are the most obvious direction clues. They consist mainly of arrows or fingers pointed, shifting your attention to the lead capture area.

Never forget, the more you optimize your landing page the more it will convert. So, beyond these 7 steps, run some tests and see what improves better your landing page conversion.