Be more effective with our latest platform update tools and features.

As a leading adult advertising & publishing network, we make it a priority to listen to deliver the latest technology for our clients. In other words, we’re always testing and optimizing our platform to maxing out the earnings.

Our platform’s latest updates give publishers some top-notch features to improve the performance while delivering traffic to whoever is willing to pay the most in the market and having full control of it.

Check out our latest achievements for publishers:

1st Advanced Adult Supply-Side Platform Tool

To maximize the publisher revenue, we made the Supply-Side Platform easy to set up and hard to beat in performance.

EroAdsController aka eCTRL Plugin

EroAdsController or eaCtrl is our newest tool for publishers using the EroAdvertising platform. The controller’s main feature is to offer publishers faster ad load time and a new anti-ad-blocking feature. Above all, It’s easy to install, 100% safe for the publisher and you can get started today.

Video Ads

Open wings for them! Video Ads are in town and they are a keeper with their smashing performances. With a simple EroAdsController Plugin, you can easily display Pre-Rolls, Mid-Rolls, and Post-Rolls through an HTML5 Video Player

Better Ads Friendly

The goal of the “Better Ads Friendly” feature is to give our publishers the flexibility to choose which banners are to be displayed in order to create a more user-friendly experience, which should lead to more users clicking on the ads and creating more value to our advertisers.

New Dashboard Panel Platform

We have created a working system that guarantees our publishers the best option for all their traffic monetization with no limits – fast and transparent.

The powerful application allows you to get access to all the totals for revenue, clicks conversions, payout, and profit. However, this application is packed with features that easily gives you an overview and let you compare daily, weekly and month-to-date totals for selected time periods.

We have provided an opportunity for our advertisers to make the most of every budget and get ad space at a lower price, yet higher. Whether you’re promoting a ton of offers, rotating a slew of creatives, or using negative targeting to weed out sites that don’t convert, our platform’s latest updates make it very easy to kick your campaigns into high gear.

New Payment Methods

One of our most frequently asked questions has to be “How can I get my publisher earnings?” Not necessarily in those words, but definitely with the same purpose in mind.

Our customers are really keen to load and withdraw funds in both USD and EUR currencies. With that in mind, we have introduced PayPal, Paxum, BitPay and Bank transfer integrations in EroAdvertising. Now you can also start to load and withdraw payments from EroAdvertising via ePayments.

2,5 Billion RTB request per day

We’re proud to offer traffic from over 190 countries for both mobile and desktop Ad campaigns. Our ad platform serves an average of 2,686,730,423 impressions per day (nearly 3 billion!).

Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Ad Exchange

We make it easy for advertisers and publishers to buy and sell digital ad inventory, empowered by RTB (real-time bidding). We’ve created a digital marketplace where publishers can get the best price for their unsold ad inventory such as display, native and video ads—both for desktop and mobile and where advertisers can bid to purchase this inventory through a user-friendly interface.