Growing Your Business Together.

We are specialized in publisher tools to monetize website traffic and deep targeting methods for advertisers to get the right traffic for ad campaigns.

What are our online traffic markets?

We are mainly focused on the following online markets: adult dating, adult paysites, gambling, and entertainment, as well as many other markets. We do work with clients all around the globe to improve their business.

What are our sources of traffic?

Our ad network is composed of the world’s most visited pc and mobile adult tube sites. To see a list of the sites available through our ad network view our marketplace after you have registered yourself to use our ad network.

How do we work?

We use self-serve bidding, pre-paid advertising platform. Select the sites and ad placements you’d like to advertise on and bid for the traffic. The higher the bid, the greater the percentage of traffic you’ll get.

You may also select Geo targets if you want to target countries, and time targets if you see that certain time ranges work the best for your ads.

The amount you bid for ad placement is taken from your balance every thousand impressions or with every click. You can also set daily budgets for ad campaigns, and pause an ad campaign at any time.

Daily ad campaign statistics are available to help you optimize and maximize your revenue.

How do I manage my ad campaign?

The EroAdvertising platform was designed to be used as a self-serve media buying platform, enabling you to create, manage, and optimize your ad campaigns. Real-time statistics and user-friendly ad campaign editing tools give you full control.

Statistics for banner CPM, CTR, impressions, cost, and much more will help indicate which campaigns need optimization; ad campaign editing tools enable you to do it.

Our well balanced, experienced account managers can help you create and maintain a more successful advertising solution for your product to monitor and deliver your ad campaign.

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