Trends are difficult to catch, one day they work and give you the best results you can achieve, and the other day they are completely useless and will only ruin your SEO. That’s why they are called trends, is something that you need to catch early and leave before it stops working. 

The trends that were good last year are not the most effective this year, why you ask it’s because everyone started using them and now they are just like any other SEO strategy, by other words they got outdated.  

Why is it Important to Catch SEO Trends at the Start? 

It is pretty self-explanatory. Users, buyers, and customers are used to seeing the same strategies over and over. So if you do something different, for example, offer them something valuable for free when no one is doing it, the chances that they will build a relationship with your brand is very high. And consequently, might be enough to get yourself a conversion.

But if everyone is offering something valuable, you will be just one more ship in the sea if you do so, your conversions will have no significant impact because you’re just being like everyone. 

That’s why catching SEO trends at the start is so important! 

This is the 5 SEO trends for 2020

Voice Search Keywords

Voice searches are exponentially growing and no one is using conversational keywords that can fit into Siri, Cortana, Google Now, Alexa or Google Assistant. In fact, 20% of internet searches are Voice searches and the only prediction is that it grows to an even bigger number as it as done over the years.

There are two main pieces of advice that you should follow when it comes to search voices.

The first one is ranking first page, you can do it by following some of our blog posts but mainly overtime. The second and most important tip that we can give you is including the more conversational keyword.

Keywords such as “SEO definition” becomes “What is SEO?” or “Define SEO” in voice search work wonderfully, mainly questions.

Focus on mobile

Mobile focus as always been a trend but the reality is that it never gets old. In the era where mobile was surpassed laptop not having a website optimized for mobile is a terrible step to make. When it comes to mobile vs desktop the data indicates that about 58% of website visitors came from mobile.

You can know more about mobile optimization in this article, where you will learn what you need so that you can pup this SEO trend in practice.

Link Building

Do you want to have a number one ranked website, this needs to be your main focus. This is probably the best SEO trend of all time, that’s why it is in the top 3 ranking factors of Google as well as content and RankBrain.

“How can I link Build”?

Well, these are the best ways you can get your backlinks:

  • Blog commenting
  • Infographic and image submission
  • Site submission to search engines
  • Article submission to related sites
  • Guest posting

Don’t forget that link building is directly related to quality content so make sure you become a blog postmaster that way your links will come naturally.


RankBrain is a part of Google’s algorithm that uses the machine learning capability of AI to choose the most relevant results to SE queries. Here the ranking is purely based on how users interact with them.

There are two essential components that you must learn about RankBrain, these are Dwell Time and (CTR).

  • Dwell Time is based on how long a user stays on your site. Dwell Time is an indicator to Google if your content is relevant or not. It resumes to the longer your visitor stays, the better. It is very relevant that you provide valuable content that quips your users engaged to do that the stay on your site
  • Click-Through Rate is based on how often people click through your website. To get a better CTR, page optimization becomes a must.

User Experience

An important factor that is emerging every year is User Experience. Good user experience can be resumed to quality user-friendly content.  

You should consider updating your blog posts and scrapping down the posts that are bringing down your website. A valuable and organized website will do for good user experience. Make sure it loads quicks and that the menu is easily navigatable.

You can check if your user experience is good or not by checking your bounce rate. A high bounce rate is a big indicator of a low-quality website and bad user experience on the other hand a low bounce rate indicates that you are on the path for success.


Make sure to check your blog for more publisher and advertiser content. There we make sure to keep you aware of the best practices so that you can have the best results working with us.