If you’re a publisher and you haven’t yet decided to incorporate native ads into your monetization strategy, you’re missing out!

In a time when more and more people are finding their way to ad blockers, it is crucial that you are intentional about tailoring native ads on your website.

We offer native advertising placements, programmatic or direct while providing non-intrusive advertising experiences to your audience on any device. Our native ads help you to maximize your revenue stream. You will quickly see higher CTR, conversion rate and profits boost.

The more satisfied your audience is, the more clicks you’re going to get, and the more often those clicks are going to translate into higher revenues.

Below, we walk you through everything you need to know to get started with native advertising. What it is, why it’s important, how it works, and how to position native ads to reach your performances.

What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is designed specifically not to look like an ad, making it harder to ignore. Instead, it’s designed to look like the rest of the content on your page. Our Advanced tools allow you to play with the look and feel so that it fits in seamlessly into your content.

Why Should I use Native Advertising?

Native advertising grabs the attention of your audience, and this is crucial to the success of your website. The more satisfied your audience is, the more likely they are to come back to your site.

Reasons to choose Native Ads

  • One of the most profitable formats: Native ads capture more attention due to their relevance.
  • Flexible cost-per-click (CPC) model: Gives you complete control of your native advertising spend.
  • Direct access to exclusive native demand: With EroAdvertising SSP technology, publishers get direct access to various sources of advertising demand.
  • Fully responsive ads: Native ads automatically adjust to fit the size of the screen and always look great.
  • Immune to AdBlock: Native Ads offer only quality content with a focus on relevancy.

With our native advertising platform, you control and manage every aspect of your inventory with zero-time, zero work & immediate revenue.

Where can you place the Native Ad Zones?

Place the ad zones relatively high – the position of native ad zones has an impact on its performance. Placing them “above the fold” will most likely increase their performance. In addition, try to place the ad zones within a safe distance from other irrelevant elements, such as large images, other widgets, and promotion elements.

How do native Ads work?

Implement these native ad zones with a simple snippet of code into your pages and when visitors click on the ad zones you make money, simple as that. Learn more about how to set up your Native Ads placements.

The Future of Native Advertising

It’s safe to say native advertising will continue to evolve. Stay ahead of the curve by keeping up on the following native advertising trends of EroAdvertising.

If you have any questions about Native Ads placement options feel free to contact our sales team and we will be sure to help you out!