What is the new Video Slider format?

The new Video Slider is an easy to integrate customer-friendly ad format with no autoplay sound. The ad zone is literally a small window of a muted video loaded through a JS tag that appears on the right or left bottom of the website.

The new format is ideal for any publishers who want to monetize their content with video ads, or are looking for an alternative video ad format. In addition, it’s fully responsive, works on all browsers and is compatible with the Better Ads Coalition’s guidelines.

What are the benefits?

  1. Easy to integrate into publishers’ content.
  2. Extra revenue for publishers.
  3. Premium video advertisers.
  4. Higher eCPM.

How does it work?

1. Upon page-load, the ad unit appears at the bottom of your webpage with an overlay.
2. To ensure compliance the “Close” button allows visitors to stop the floating slider ad at all times. However, you can use the “pop-under on close button” attribute which will open a pop-under when clicking on the close button.

If you’re not using the new Video Slider, you need to be!

It’s super easy to implement the new ad zone. Just head on over to EroAdvertising, create an account, get your site approved, create the ad zone, and you’ll get a Javascript code that you can easily add to your pages.

Please click the following link if you would like to know about “HOW TO CREATE A VIDEO SLIDER AD ZONE?“. This tutorial shows you in a couple simple steps on how to create a Video Slider ad zone.

If you would like to know more about our new Video Slider format please feel free to contact us.