“The most exciting publisher tool we ever offered” -Jan Huibers, (Founder and CEO)

With our EroAdsController every publisher sleeps better!

EroAdsController or eaCtrl is our newest tool for publishers using the EroAdvertising platform. The controller’s main feature is to offer publishers faster ad load time and a new anti-ad-blocking feature. Best of all, It’s easy to install, 100% safe for the publisher and you can get started today.

Faster load time, better SEO

The eaCTRL is a game-changer for every publisher out there. The controller is loading all ads on a page in a single request, thus providing a very fast page load time. This enhances a site’s SEO results on both desktop and mobile. The eaCTRL supports all banner types over the web, mobile and IPTV platforms. Never before have we seen a page with multiple ads on it load as fast as eaCtrl allows it todo.

Built-in Anti Ad Blocker

EroAdsController has a powerful Anti AdBlock functionality with the option of bypassing current AdBlock software in the industry. For you as a publisher, this can mean thousands of dollars in potentially lost revenue that can end up back into your pocket. Even more, the Anti AdBlock is an optional feature of the controller and results speak for themselves.

Fast Page Load

Loads all ads from a single request from JavaScript or iFrame code. The page load time is greatly reduced.

SEO Benefits

Google gives better page ranking to sites that load faster.

Easy Installation

The Publisher can easily install the controller following a few steps! We provide all the support necessary.

Advanced Plugin System

Plugins will be available later and are easy to add. The Controller can autoload the plugins.

If you would like to know more about our EroAdsController – the most exciting publisher tool please feel free to contact us. We care about your success and look forward to assisting you with our eaCTRL here at EroAdvertising.