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Adult content rating system for evaluating the content and reporting the suitability of adult advertising campaigns. A rating is usually set for each individual campaign. EroAdvertising has subdivided the rating for advertising campaigns in the following categories: BIKINI – Contains non-nudity and no explicit sexual activity or sexual penetration. SOFT-CORE – generally contains nudity or partial nudity in sexual situations, but no explicit sexual activity, sexual penetration or ‘extreme’ fetishism. HARD-CORE – It contains graphic sexual activity and visible penetration and stimulation. EXTREME – Contains extreme graphic sexual activity and visible penetration and stimulation

We’ve developed the first adult supply-side platform

supply-side platform
EroAdvertising is shaking the market with the new adult supply-side platform (SSP). As you’re used to saying: business is business! At EroAdvertising we know that at the end of the day results are what drive customers to choose the most profitable partner from all the available...