Monday, July 15, 2024

Direct Deal! Get full control of your direct ad buys!

Advertising with Direct Deal As a buyer, there is no better way to buy large amounts of online display ad inventory than directly from the publishers. On the other hand, sellers like to have a...
supply-side platform

We’ve developed the first adult supply-side platform

EroAdvertising is shaking the market with the new adult supply-side platform (SSP). As you’re used to saying: business is business! At EroAdvertising we know that at the end of the day results are what drive customers...
Better Ads Friendly tool

The Better Ads Friendly tool Introduction

Our Better Ads Friendly tool We have been busy to ensure that our ad network is compliant with the Better Ads Standards. We have come up with the Better Ads Friendly tool. Our tool gives our publishers...
Why mobile optimization is so important?

Why mobile optimization is so important?

In the era where mobile was completely surpassed laptop not having a website optimized for mobile is a step towards failing. When it comes to mobile vs desktop the data is pretty clear,...

We are very excited to launch our new blog 🚀

Welcome to our new blog The purpose of creating a blog was to better tell the story of how we can better communicate our advertiser solutions and the publisher tools we are so passionate about. You...
how to avoid ad blindness

Avoid Ad Blindness

What's the point of running ads if they go unnoticed? One of the main reasons why you must rethink your strategy is because of ad blindness.
5 Ways to Speed Up your Website

5 Ways to Speed Up your Website

Ranking highly on Google is everyone’s objective and site speed is the key for that! Year by year site speed has become more and more important, to the point...
ad zones

How to create your ad zones / spaces?

Our ad codes perfectly blend in the ad zones you have available on your website.  The first step to getting ads shown on your site or in your...
Increase Organic Traffic

How to Increase Organic Traffic in 5 Steps

By many we are told that paid traffic is the way to go, organic traffic simply takes to long and is not worth it. The fact that you have to spend months to...
SERP analysis

Why SERP Analysis is the key to SEO?

There is a big misunderstood around keywords research. People still think that the keyword process can be summed up by search volume and keyword difficulty. Now, we should also take into consideration...