Monday, April 15, 2024

8 Ways to Improve Clicks on your Banner Ads

banner ads
Strategies that will make the difference in the CTR of your banner ads! As an advertiser, the goal is...

Top 5 PPC Trends to Watch In 2021

ppc marketing
In a normal year, PPC marketing is pretty unpredictable. But 2020 was anything but a normal year. Last year,...

Work Smarter, Not Harder with EroAdvertising Tools and Features

Be more effective with our latest platform update tools and features. As a leading adult advertising & publishing network, we make it a priority to...

Why mobile optimization is so important?

Why mobile optimization is so important?
In the era where mobile was completely surpassed laptop not having a website optimized for mobile is a step towards failing. When it...

EroAdsController – our most exciting tool for Publishers

“The most exciting publisher tool we ever offered” -Jan Huibers, (Founder and CEO) With our EroAdsController every publisher sleeps better! EroAdsController or eaCtrl is our newest...

Why SERP Analysis is the key to SEO?

SERP analysis
There is a big misunderstood around keywords research. People still think that the keyword process can be summed up by search volume...

Have a High Conversion Landing Page in 7 Steps

Have a High Conversion Landing Page in 7 Steps
Landing page conversion rate normally sits between 1% and 3%. The problem here is that many...

New dashboard panel for Eroadvertising

Our new dashboard is a real game-changer We have successfully passed another milestone and we are proud to introduce a new dashboard panel from which...

CTA Psychology: How to motivate users to take action?

Effective CTA
Have you ever wondered what drives your users to prefer one image over another? Or why did they click that specific creative...

EroAdvertising features & key benefits for publishing

features & key benefits
Here are some of the major features & key benefits of our publishing ad network. World Wide coverage: