A low conversion rate is a publisher’s worst enemy that unfortunately occurs once in a while. Although it is almost impossible to avoid it happening sometimes there are a couple of things that if you detect at the time you can stabilize your conversion rates and perhaps even increase them. 

To help you spot mistakes that result in a low conversion rate, we made a list of the 6 most common mistakes that affect conversion rates:

1.Correct site errors 

When conversion rates drop your immediate reaction should be looking for site errors. Are all of your CTA’s working? Is your site fast enough? Is there any broken page? 

The reality is that you need to test your website frequently to avoid low conversion rates and you can do so by using Google Analytics. Google Analytics can be your best friend when searching for broken links or website errors. So to check it once or twice a week to see if everything is going according to plan.

2.Be aware of trends 

In any industry trends is a huge dictator of conversion rate. When your content is out of trend your conversion rates tend to lower a bit. 

Our advice is for every month you upload content, it might be video, audio, text, doesn’t matter. Always be sure to check out on the latest trends, that way you can stay relevant and increase conversion rate.

3.Improve your site speed 

When not optimized site speed can be one of the biggest conversion killers. In fact, one second more can be enough to decrease conversion rates by 7%. 

If Elements like “heavy” and unnecessary data are slowing down your website we advise you to check out this article, here you can understand what slows your website the most as well as how to optimize them so that your site loads in no time. 

4.Check out your ads 

If your conversion rate drops it’s advisable that you check out your ads. Disconnections between ads and site design can make a big difference in conversion rate. On the other hand, when an ad looks a part of the website, visitors tend to click it more, resulting in a higher conversion rate. 

Native advertising can be a great helper when it comes to increasing conversion rate, as they integrate easily with your website, making the ad look a part of the site as opposed to on the site. 

5.Build a sales funnel 

Asking users to convert before doing any other step is everything you shouldn’t do when you are trying to increase conversion rates.  

“What should I do then?” 

To increase the chances of conversion you need to build a sales funnel. Understand that the time where users buy without knowing nothing about the product are long gone, on today’s market, you need to give the user what we want and then we give you what you want

You can provide value throughout ways like:

  • Offering free subscriptions for a limited time 
  • Valuable content related to your product 
  • Benefits on signing up to your email list 

Giving value in advance can be one of the best ways to ensure that the customer buys your product and that your conversion rate increases. 

6.Compare yourself with your competitors 

We are told by many “experts” that we should not try to compare ourselves with others, and although it might work for some, if you want to take your conversion rates to the next level comparisons are needed. 

Understand that costumers will always compare yourself with your competitors as they search for the best product that provides them with the most value. When we say compare yourselves is not just price, is literally everything, to the larger to the smallest detail. 

Improving on your competitors is a great way to become the number one consumer choice. As costumers will always compare you, when already have done your homework and ensured that you are better than the rest is from you that they will buy, that way you increase your conversion rate and build consumer trust. 


To conclude, to increase your conversion rate, you should: 

  • Correct site errors 
  • Be aware of trends 
  • Improve your site speed 
  • Check out your ads 
  • Build a sales funnel 
  • Compare yourself with your competitors

· Check out your ads 

· Build a sales funnel 

· compare yourself with your competitors 

If you follow these tips most certainly your conversion rate will increase!