Online video ads are here and it is super-fast!

As you know video ads are the perfect way to catch user’s attention. Now you can start to monetize your traffic through Pre-rolls, Mid-rolls and Post-rolls ads with EroAdvertising.

  • Pre-roll: is shown before the actual video content begins.
  • Mid-roll: The ad model in which the video of the ad is shown in the middle of the video content.
  • Post-roll: The ad model in which the video ad is shown after the actual video has been viewed.

What are the advantages?

  • High delivery rate
  • It works on all available JW and HTML players, you’ll be amazed how fast they load through HTML5 Video Player or Jw Player
  • It’s compatibile with all mobile and desktop devices
  • Support video extensions; MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV

How can you start running video ads on your site?

To set up an video ad zone is just as easy as any other ad zone. The video ads will be fetched and inserted into your content using VAST tags and eaCtrl tags. You’ll be in full control and king of your content.

Start to make the most out of your video inventory. Watch your account earn more and more money whenever your visitors see or click your video ads. Your video ad zone can be up in running in just a couple steps. Learn more about how to create your video ad zone.

As an EroAdvertising publisher, we are here to help you to get start with the video ad zone. Feel free to to get in touch with us via our contact form.