No one likes losing money right?

The answer here is obvious. But unless you don’t what to expand your business, there will always be a risk of you losing money. As we established that you want to grow your business, knowing the best ROI strategies is a must!

As a publisher when you go on the internet there is a lot of “gurus” telling you what to do. These strategies in reality bring you no value to your business and have zero return over investment.  

To help you grow your business in the best way possible we prepared a list of the 3 best ROI strategies for 2020:


This one is no news. For a long time we have been posting a lot of SEO strategies to help you further your business and giving it the relevance that it deserves. Everyone can do SEO, that’s the truth, but only a few can do it properly. SEO drains a lot of time of your life if you want the best-optimized website possible. That’s why a lot of people do a half good SEO, for it to be very good details make the difference.  

SEO strategies that make the most impact:

If you want to properly start doing SEO this is the most effective strategies for publishers:

Where can SEO bring you ROI results?

SEO can be considered the best ROI strategy as the investment that you make is 0 and the return that you can get is a lot. This strategy is a long term one, as it doesn’t bring you any results in the short term. That’s another reason why people quit SEO. All we can say is that people that do it properly and are patient get results in the form of conversions and traffic. If you have time and not a lot of money to invest, SEO can be your best friend!

2.Email marketing

Often a forgotten strategy, email marketing, can be great to make the most out of your ROI. Understand that when you are making email marketing you are communicate directly to the customer, that only by itself increases the chances of conversion a lot.

When it comes to email marketing you have two options. Either your website users subscribe your newsletter and you automatically know that they are interested in your product or you buy an email marketing database.

Where can Email marketing bring ROI results?

As you are directly advertising, the path for conversion becomes way easier. The more you personalize your emails the better your conversion chances will be. Also, dont forget to build a sales funnel before anything. Selling is important if you only try to sell, most likely you will sell nothing. This is a big process that can be resumed in bringing the most value to the customer before asking for any conversion. Email marketing is just a part of the sales funnel, but being one of the best formats for conversions is important that the funnel is well optimized when you use this format.

With a built sales funnel, email marketing can be the best ROI strategies for Conversions! 


PPC is one of the best ROI strategies as it targets the costumers that are all ready to buy. The effectiveness of this strategy comes from the targeting that can achieve.

When you set you campaign for PPC you are paying for each click that you get. Which means that the clicks that you get depend fully on your ad. The better you optimize your ads the more clicks you are going to get, the better your conversion chances.

Where can PPC bring ROI results?

As it’s estimated for PPC campaigns to give you 2$ for each 1$ spent, the PPC strategies target conversions. This campaign can be a safer option to CPM. As you don’t risk wasting money and having no conversions, leaving you with higher ROI and better conversion rate overall!


To conclude, we advise the following ROI strategies:

  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • PPC

The main highlight that you should take away from this article is that if you want to have high ROI you need to build a sales funnel. Short term jumping to conversion is a no go for any business.

Build something that will not only elevate your ROI but also your brand.