Ad spots at a lower price, yet for a higher value.

This time we wanted to provide our advertisers/Media Buyers with a unique opportunity to deliver their messages to the target audience and maximize the impact of their ads.

Demand-side platform (DSP)

Our Demand-side platform is deeply integrated via our adult Supply-Side Platform (SSP) with the world’s biggest ad exchanges and top-quality supply-side partners including TrafficStars, Exoclick, Zero park, and many other trusted ad networks.

More information about Ad Exchanges is what you can read here – The Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Ad Exchange)

Open-RTB protocol

Our Demand-Side Platform (DSP) utilizes an Open-RTB protocol. The Open-RTB protocol allows you to create direct server-to-server connections. Ensuring access to thousands of publishers, ad networks, and ad exchanges.

Demand-side platform (DSP) characteristics and key features:

  • You can create, run and manage a number of campaigns simultaneously across multiple supply-side platforms and ad exchanges
  • You can control multiple supply-side platforms and ad exchanges from a single, centralized user interface
  • Our platform provides real-time reporting via advanced analytics, which will give you the insight to analyze your campaign across multiple ad exchanges
  • It allows you to set parameters and auto-optimize campaigns to maximize ROIs
  • You can choose to automatically increase your budget so winning campaigns don’t stop and set limits to minimize loss

Making the most of your advertiser budget

Our intuitive interface, which makes creating and maintaining ad campaigns as easy as possible. The sophistication of the level of detail that can be tracked, optimization algorithms and the precise targeting options provide an opportunity for our Advertisers/Media Buyers to make the most of every budget and get ad space at a lower price, yet higher value.

Are you interested in how our cutting-edge demand-side platform (DSP) works? Let’s get a little bit more technical to understand how it works. (More information about how our Demand-Side Platform works is what you can read here – How Eroadvertising Demand-Side Platform (DSP) Works: the technical aspects).