A new level of flexibility to help you to sell your own ads.

While we’ve offered the ability for publishers to directly sell a percentage of their ad inventory by making exclusive tiers available as Flat Rate, it was clear that they wanted more flexibility and control to manage all of their own ads in an integrated fashion.

In response, we’ve continued to evolve our Ad Manager system to meet these needs by rolling-out a new publisher tool called Direct Deal.

What is Direct Deal?

It’s an optional feature that you can use to be in fully control of your own ads in one place.

What are the benefits of a Direct Deal?

  • With direct deals, no bidding auction is conducted; instead, your ad inventory will be sold at a fixed CPM price.
  • You can allow advertisers to see the statistics, which brings out the trust factor from your side.
  • You’ll be able to sell your ad inventory for a fixed CPM price. Additionally, advertisers get fixed number of impressions by accessing your ad inventory.

Get the most out of your own ads.

Direct Deal let you split your ad inventory in multiple ways to earn more and grow your business.

  • Devices and browsers: You can split your inventory according to device type, browser, or operating system. You can even use browser language.
  • Geography: You can split your inventory based on countries, regions, and cities.
  • Statistics: Allow your buyers to see detailed statistics and use your dashboard analytics to determine the effectiveness of your Direct Deal campaign.
  • Delivery: You can manage the frequency caps, or you can add a period segmenting (day parting) to increase the ROI of your own ads.
  • Tags: You can specific tag-words to provide the exact visitors, advertisers want to reach.

Earn more revenue across all your buyers.

Some of our premium publishers have been early testers of this new feature working directly with their own ads. During these tests, we saw our on-target delivery at 80%, compared to the industry average of 59% for narrow targeting.

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If you would like to know more about our Direct Deal feature please feel free to contact us. We care about your success and looking forward to assisting you here at EroAdvertising.